Sunday, January 18, 2009

Busch Gardens

Today we went to Busch Gardens Tampa with my cousin Diane and her husband Dan. It was a nice day - temp in low/mid 60's but the walking and the sun made it seem a bit warmer. I took a few photos of the park. You should be able to click to make them larger.

This is a lion topiary at the entrance to the park. The grounds are beautiful and they had many topiaries but I believe this is my favorite. They do such a wonderful job on their gardens, even this time of year.

Two butterfly topiaries in the Bird Gardens area.

Flamingo pond

A couple shots from the aviary. It's a very cool, large meshed in area where you can purchase nectar and feed the Lorikeets. They were out of nectar for the day so no birds landed on us.

We saw a 4-D movie called "Pirates" starring Leslie Nielsen and John Clease. Very cool. On on top of the images coming out of the screen to you, it also had water, wind, and movement to further the experience. Here's Diane, Dan & Jerry in the 4-D glasses.

This photo is for Diane. She likes to paint and wanted to do water so I took a couple for her to paint from.

That's my cousin! We though of some other funny poses but they didn't make the good taste cut, LOL.

A couple African masks that I thought were interesting. Having Dan & Diane with us was like having a guide or naturalist along. They've done big game hunting in Africa so they were identifying the animals for us.

More garden shots

Alligators, boy were they big!

Looks like Diane telling an interesting story to Jerr & Dan. It's early Monday morning now and I didn't finish editing this post in time to post it last night, We just returned from dropping Dan & Diane off at the airport. While short, it was a great visit. I'm gonna miss my Wii buddy.

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tina said...

I visited here just once back in 1991 and so loved 'visiting' the continent of Africa. Thanks for bringing back the memories with such lovely pictures.

JaMean said...

Wow. You make me miss flamingos, alligators and warm weather! I'd KILL for some 60's here. :)

Thanks for the pretty pics!

luvonne said...

I love the butterfly topiary! I'll have to visit FL again's looking pretty good to me right now! We saw similar designs at the San Diego Zoo...long story short, Tony had some foreign tourists ask to have him take a picture of them in front of one. The (not so funny) part was that Tony didn't realize until we were leaving the zoo that they were actually asking to have their picture taken WITH that topiary behind them. Not noticing the topiary behind them in the moment, he accidentally zoomed into just the 2 of them and cut out the good part. They won't know until they fly home to Australia! He felt bad.

Julie said...

I love Busch Gardens! My husband told me he loved me there, for the first time!!!

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