Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Orchid Hotel...Plus A Lizard Or Two

Very cold weather predicted for tonight and tomorrow - maybe even freezing temperatures. I believe the high today was 52 and at 8pm it was 49. I'm sure the folks attending the inauguration today think that sounds nice but my orchids sure don't. I brought all eightysomething of them into the house. I'm sure a few lizards have also hitched their way into the house as well.

Our fireplace seperates the living and dining rooms and the floor around it is tiled on both sides so it's a great spot to place wet plants. This year the plants are sharing it with Chloe in her sick bed.
Hope nobody needs anything from the kitchen sink! I made sure to leave space around the coffee pot or I might have a grumpy hubby in the morning, LOL.
Another kitchen shot. Annie the cat eats on my sewing table so I had to leave a space for her to jump on the chair to jump to the table.

I have this rolling rack made for clothes for hanging orchids on since so many are hangers. I also have orchids in the bathroom hanging off the shower rod. Some of my vandas have such loooong roots that they needed the height of the shower rod and to stay out of the way. As you can see by this photo, Eddie is excited to be able to hunt indoors.


Julie said...

Eighty some??? WOWZERS!!!

Wicked Gardener said...

This is making me laugh, because my house looks the same way!!!

cindee said...

Holy Cow I missed this post. You have a collection thats for sure. I love orchids but they don't grow for me for some reason. )-: It is very dry here so maybe thats the reason. I guess I could try harder. Yours are beautiful!!!!

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