Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bye to Dad and Green Thumb Sunday

Dad left today. I spoke to him a little while ago after he had boarded the plane but had about a half hour till take off. His flight was 45 minutes late and I am assuming because of the fog we had here this morning. He should be on his way to Charlotte now and then a plane change to Little Rock. When I am finished here I will look up the address for Whole Hog Cafe and text it to my step sister who is to pick him up at the airport. I know he would really like to eat there. The rats and I are going to miss him big time.

After returning from the airport, Paneras, and a couple games of Wii, I finished my little front bed project. Even though it feels like it, it is not spring so I can't plant but I can pull weeks, clean up debris, and do some garden evaluation. Yes, the beds are looking sad but considering everything I am surprized they are not worse. I paid only minimal attention to them the last couple years as I was going to school. Then just before graduation is when I started seeing the podiatrist. That walkway up to the front door has been a nightmare trying to figure out what will live there happily. So far the Areca, which I tried to take out a couple times and it keeps growing back, and the African iris. I put the African irish there as a temporary holding spot a couple years ago and it took off! It blooms almost year round there too.

A couple little whimsical things to fill in the bare spots.

I should be prosecuted for the condition of this crinum. A landscaper suggested I move the thing from where it was doing well and put it here in a "better" spot. This spot is too hot and too dry. When winter is offically over I believe I will move it right back where it was a couple years ago! It may not have been the perfect spot but it was thriving.

After working a couple hours on the beds yesterday, I told my Dad that my next husband was going to be a landscaper. He said Jerry was smarter than me because he married one. LOL


Julie said...

Oh your Dad is so great! Great sense of humor and in great looking shape as well!!! I know you will be missing him!

From the title of your post, I first thought you were saying goodbye to your Dad, and goodbye to GTS as well, and I was wondering why you would give up GTS!!! LOL. It was just how I read it!!! LOLOL.

You are a great worker bee, and just get so much done around your place...amazing all you do, girl!

Have a wonderful week ahead!!!

Sheri Howard said...

WOW, how I wish I were there where it is green! We have snow and winter! I love the name of your blog...I have been thinking about getting another cat.....I just can't do it yet....but it keeps haunting me, perhaps there is some darling cat who needs me! I have been so busy I haven't been on anyone's blog, so today I am trying to visit as many as I can! Hope your New Year is happy!

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