Saturday, January 10, 2009

Eddie and First His Moo Tube

Eddie is keeping an eye on me because he has a new chewie. I think my photography skills have improved since having a blog. What do you think? I believe it is due to the sheer volume photos I take to get something"good" for the bog.

Trying to get it in just the right position. Notice he has it on my favorite throw pillow. Luckily, it's on the BACK of the pillow. I know, I know, I should have moved him off of it but he was just too happy to disturb.


He's trying to keep it from rolling off the pillow, which it did, and as I watched and photoed him he had to put it back up on that pillow about a dozen times. Round tube on runded pillow back - not steady Eddie. LOL

I'm practicing really close up photos. This one is a bit blurry but it was such a good action shot!

1 comment:

JaMean said...

LOL! I love rattie action shots. He seems to REALLY love that chew! :)

I LOVE your Eddie!

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