Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Chloe Update

Chloe is improving but admittedly it is a slow process and she may never be "normal" again.

She's eating & drinking with little help, which is good, and I do physical therapy with her twice a day. Her body still tends to bend to the left but no longer in a full-blown C position. She also cannot stand up on her back legs. With the help of a sling, I am able to lift and sustain her back end up so she can walk some. She's very wobbly even with the support of the sling. She walks best on concrete and the grass. The tile and wood in our house is difficult for her.

She does manage to get around on her towels covered dog bed quite well. I am using big, flat beds as opposed to those with sides that she can get stuck on or fall over. She is able to access a ramikin of water near her bed so that is good. Her digestive functions are working again if you know what I mean ;) Taping a diaper on her 3 times a day keeps everyone happy.

The jury is still out on her future. The emergency vet and everyting I have read about VS says the recovery period is three weeks. Several articles mentioned that people put dogs in this condition to sleep after their episode without knowing how far they might recover. I do not want to do that to Chloe; however, I am also aware from my experience with Mooney that I might have a hard time acknowledging when quality of life is not "good enough".


luvonne said...

Vickie, I know I always joke about Chloe and her famous personality but I want you to know, I truly adore that dog and always carry fond memories of dog know the time I agreed to do it before I actually met her. LOL..She is precious!

Julie said...

I'm sure you will know if the time ever comes where she would need to be put to sleep...or at least the vet should advise you also! Sounds like you are doing everything you can do. She is so fortunate to have you for a Mommy!

FoxyMoron said...

What a great doggy mum you are. I hope Chloe recovers.

My Little Family: said...

Luvonne thanks for the kind words. If I remember correctly, you are one person that she did like. You are one of the few.

Julie my past experience was that the b=vet did NOT want to be in on that decision. that was in 1993 so I hope vets are better at that now.

Moron, thanks. I am trying.

luvonne said...

Maybe I have the gifts of the "Dog Whisperer", I never thought of that!!!

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