Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Jerry and I went to the annual neighborhood party at Tim & Jan's last night to bring in the new year. It's always fun to get together with the neighbors and I orten wonder why we don't do it more often - like a 4th of July BBQ or something. But then again, many folks want to spend special occassions with their families.

I believe this photo is from when we were watching Evil Kenevil's son jump over the volcano at the Mirage in Las Vegas. The neighbor 3 doors up from us did work/works for the family but didn't go to LV so we all watched after the ball droped in Times Square.

Random party shot but showing that most people thought it was cold. The party was mostly on their lani but some folks retreated to the family room (seperated from lani by a sliding door). Tim & Jan are excellent hosts. Tim even made me an ice pack for my fat lip - Daisey and I had a collision of her skull and my mouth when fire work upset her shortly before we were to leave for the party. My tooth is still sore tofay, of course I still have the hole on the inside of my lip where tooth punctured, but swelling greatly reduced this morning.

Tim & Jerry cutting cigars. i don't know how mnay they smoked last hight but I think it was too many probably. The good news about neighborhood parties is that you walk home. We only had to cross a dead end street and walk down 5 houses. What could be better than that?

I loved the little floatie lotus blossom they had in the pool and spa. They held votive candles. See how beautifuly Jan's christmas cactus are blooming? They were gorgeous.

Their house is a bit beachy & flamingo themed so of course they had a stretching, dancing christmas flamingo. They didn't comment on my little guy guarding my mail box so perhaps they haven't been down the street lately.

This is me (fat lip and all) with our next door neighbors Bill & Charlotte. New Year's even also happens to be their wedding anniversary so we don't always see them for the entire night because they sometimes go out for dinner. Last night was number 20 for them. Congratulations!

I can't quite capture the glow of the beautiful floating cactuses. After many drinks, the countdown to midnight, and a few dances, we called it a night and walked home with our next door neighbors. The sound sensitive snowman below sat on the speaker of the dance floor so he danced along with us - plus he was "lit" up like many of the partygoers, LOL.



tina said...

That same to you and your family! Looks like fun in sunny Florida.

LuLu and LoLLy! said...

We are 2 Maltese dogs from Austin, Texas, and we love your doggy quilting patch! We do stuff to help rescues, thanks for taking such good care of your pack! Happy New Year. Love, your PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy!

Julie said...

What a great post! You looked pretty even with a fat lip, (which I could not see anyway)!!!

Looked like a beautiful party! Those X-Mas Cactus were gorgeous!!!

It is so nice to just walk home from a party, isn't it??? We used to have big block parties on our street, but since most of the kids have all grown up and moved away, we slacked off. One of the neighbors had a New Years party, and David walked down for a while, but I had to stay home with Doozey...she was going crazy all evening with the sounds of the fireworks all around! I was never so happy when 2am got here and all quieted down!!!


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