Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Doggie Updates

Noodles the rat terrier is still missing; however, the local newspaper ran a great article on her so hopefully that will get her home. Click here to see the article online.

Chloe had a miraculous, temporary, partial recovery while we were at the vet's office. She was alert, noisy, moved around, tried to walk, ate food, etc. Not the same that was sleeping with her head in runny poo the day before. Sorry for the graphic description but that is just how bad she's been. An online friend suggested they get an adrenalen rush at the vet so they do better there. The jury is still out on the quality of life debate but we are going to see how she's doing after hopefully taking nourishment for a week.

Eddie went to the vet today too. He's been scratching and biting his back end like a crazy person for about a week. He even had broken skin & scabs from all his "work". Turns out he had two fleas on him. I was shocked that a) that he had fleas when he is on Frontline Plus, and b) that two tiny little fleas could cause that much discomfort. Turns out when he gained weight I didn't switch him to the larher dosage - I just kept buying the same box. Second, vet said that a dog that is not used to having fleas on it could get that crazy about it.


Julie said...

I have a name for fleas, but I cannot say it here!!!!!

Actually I could probably do a run on several strings of phrases about the sob's!!!

Glad Chloe is looking better! Keep us posted!!!

Anonymous said...

:( good luck finding noodles :(

not wanting you to post this, just wanted to say hi


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