Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year Dinner at Mom's (as told by Daisey)

I was the lucky one yesterday when I alone got to go to my granny Vee's condo for a traditional New Year dinner. I wore the cute snowman teeshirt that "Aunt" Michelle sent from Wisconsin. I so loved having my papa's lap all to myself.

I was such a good girl and didn't paw grandma Marge trying for pats (that normally results in torn skin and bleeding for grandma Marge).

Here's the holiday dinner table covered with southern delicacies such as black-eyed peas, ham, fried potatoes, fried okra, deviled eggs, and cornbread. I sure wish I was tall enough to reach the table.

And here's the best part - leftovers!

Ugh.....I think I ate too much!

Leaving my granny's was also an adventure because I got to chase a squirrell up a tree. My mama was too slow with the camera to catch it.


Julie said...


cindee said...

Jack has that same t-shirt!!!(-: It looks like you had a nice day with lots of food(-: I am hoping for a nice sunny day to get things in order around the yard.(-:

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