Sunday, January 4, 2009


..........was a busy day. Mom went with me to Arcadia to pick up my Dad from my Aunt Flossie's house. On the way home we stopped at Prime Outlets to pick up something that mom didn't get last weekend. After two hours we (mom, dad, and me) left without any of us having spent a penny. I suggested it was an unsuccessfuly shopping trip but my dad says it was very sucessful. I guess it depends on yor perspective, LOL.

Here's a photo of an 80 year old (dad) instructing a 92 year old (aunt Flossie) on how to play online games on Who says computers are only used by the young?

We went to Saturday dinner at Cody's last night. Pretty good. L - R: mom, Jerry, Marge (MIL), and Dad.

Coming home from dinner, I had Jerr snap our photo last night bcause these decorations are probably coming down tomorrow! (No, it wasn't cold outside, had to have jacket for inside restaurant.)

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