Sunday, February 22, 2009

Green Thumb Sunday

Green Thumb Sunday = my sad garden :(

It's that time of year when so much needs done yet it is best ot wait until March is offically here in case we have a drop in temperature (like we did a couple nights ago). I read about this concept in the paper, and dismissed it, several years ago when we had a very beautiful early February. Sure enough, late February brought temperatures that were harmful to newly trimmed plants. So, I wait....and wait.....and wait.

This is looking through the screen porch from the north side

The small border garden on the north side of the screen porch where I took the first photo.

Across the walkway from the previously shown border garden. This space has been hard to maintain plantings. Possibly because it get southern sun agaisnt a fence so it's hot and very sunny. It's narrow and there's no sprinkler head on this side of the walkway.

My little vignette. A bromeliad in my favorite pot, an outdoor spider plant (who knew you could grow them outside?), and a small planter where everything dies so I now have garden debris in it - the bamboo sticks are from a windchime that rotted.

I love ginger plants. This one is planted under my key lime tree and has grown up at a nice rate - not too fast and not to slow.

This one is 3 ft away from the last one and you can see the difference. This one is varely thriving yet they get identical treatment. ???

The pool garden is getting quite overgrown. If we don't get to it soon, I am not sure how we will access it at all :) Walking around the pool now is a balancing act where one tries not to be shoved into the pool by the plants.

Dirty pool! I always wondered what that saying meant. :)


spookydragonfly said...

Such a beautiful setting, I'll bet you have alot of fun planning around that area! Think least you don't have the snow to contend with!

cindee said...

I grow my spider plants outside too. They freeze but they come right back in the spring(-: Soon you will be swimming again in your pool. That will be fun!!!! DO the dogs swim? Jack hates the water!!!

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