Saturday, February 21, 2009

King & Queen of Mardi Paws

Eddie & Daisey were chosen the King and Queen of Mardi Paws on a pet forum I belong to. Thought I would share their photos. Daisey was really into it. Eddie destroyed his outfit
but not before I got one half decent photo.

Queen Daisey

King Edward


cindee said...

The King and Queen look very royal and dignified(-: I am sure they are very happy being able to party at the Mardi Paws!!!(-:

Julie said...

Hail to the King and Queen!

I decorated my wreath tonight...found some very basic, non decorated masks, and added the beads and a burple bow, but it looks very I must either keep working on it or forget about it, since I cannot post it looking this boring...but I would rather just go buy a King Cake and eat it all. Just finished 2 ...8 hour days in a classroom and I am about to go insane after all that sitting. I never sit (except to blog).

Give Eddie and Daisey a kiss from Doozey!

Skeeter said...

These pics of King and Queen Paws is great. Was this a benefit for an animal rescue group or just a fun event for all involved? Looks like fun...

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