Monday, February 2, 2009

My Candlelighting In Memory Of Chloe

I assembled some of Chloe's things since I do not have her ashes back yet. The online candle ceremony was nice. I appreciate the warm thoughts from everyone who was able to light a candle tonight. Hopefully Chloe is reuniting with her favorite kitty Tally and meeting my old pals Mooney, Kitty, Spencer, Nermal, and Yawnie. Oh, and my childhood dog Micky.

On the table is a pink party dress I bought for a function. She looked adorable in it. Her denim & leather fringe coat with Svorsky crystal butterfly that I made for her. Eddie & Daisey have coordinating ones as well. There is also the plaid wool coat made from wool that my Dad brought me back from Ireland. Daisey & Ed also have matching coats. The sinple Halloween costume that I jazzed up to make her devil dog, her leash and harness, and a Christmas and Halloween fancy collar. I know it seems a bit much but she was so cute dressed up.


cindee said...

I just lit my candle. I got distracted then realized it was 8 I was going to light it and that would be 11 Eastern Time(-: Then I forgot till a few mins ago. Jack and Gus watched so they were part of it too(-: RIP Chloe!

Julie said...

What a sweet girl, with a sweet mama too! Loved all her outfits! I hope she is up there at Rainbow Bridge seeing all the old doggies friends...playing and rollicking around...maybe together with my old dog, Jake (white Lhasa Apso).

spookydragonfly said...

I see you have many special memories of Chloe...I like the Photo Cube with her sweet face.

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