Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Night Candle Ceremony for Chloe

Please light a candle tonight at 10pm ET in memory of my little Chloe who crossed the Rainbow Bridge last Tuesday, January 27th. Since 1993, there has been an online group lighting candles on Monday evenings in memories of loved pets who have died. For more information, go here.

You can go online in a chat format here or perform the candle lighting privately. I've lit one candle already and will place and lite a candle on either side of my big candle at 10pm since the tradition is to light 3; however, if one candle is all you have available, that's OK too. Thank you to everyone who participates. I would love to read a comment that you participated in honor of my little girl.


cindee said...

I will light a candle at 7pm here tonight(-: I will say a prayer for Chloe.(-:

tina said...

This makes me so sad Vickie. I don't even want to think how hard all this is for you, I know too someday I'll face it and I hope it do it as well as you have.

Julie said...

My candle was burning all evening...a vanilla one...for such a sweet girl! She will be have such wonderful memories, and that is the best! She sure was a cutie pie!

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