Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday & My Dim Sum Terrior

Me, Jerr, and my mom are gathered in front of the TV in the living room as I type. We just enjoyed some football food of wings, deep-fried mushrooms, and poppers. Jerry didn't go for the healthy food I bought yesterday, LOL. Jennifer Hudson is singing the national anthem, bless her heart. Eddie is sneaking food when we aren't looking. Who knew he would like Dim Sum.

Couple interesting Super Bowl facts that come with living in the Super Bowl city: 1) the Sr. Petersburg-Clearwater airport where Jerr works is FILLED with private jets today, at least 50. Considering there is a much bigger airport in Tampa, that's amaizing. 2) a friend's husband is working security at the game (he also worked the World Series games last fall, lucky guy) and he had to be at work at 4AM this morning! It'll expected to be 1AM before he gets off. Wow.


Julie said...

I can just see Eddie eating chinese food!!! LOL!

My daughter and I went out to lunch and had sushi today...delish!

Thats are over there where all the excitement is today!!!

Anonymous said...


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