Saturday, March 28, 2009

Florida Snow

OK, not exactly frozen water but oak pollen has been "snowing"down on everything. These photos are from my driveway and I don't even have an oak tree! I cleaned the tree pollen sack debris off my car before I got the bright but late idea to photo. It was literally like brushing snow off the car except it wasn't cold, LOL. Bear in mind, I washed my car only 2 days prior to these photos.

I had to run the windshield wipers just to see through the pollen!

It even got inside the door hinge area

In addition to the pollen in the photo, you can see the grass smothered in oak leaves.

It's everywhere! Like someting from a horror movie!

My car is taupe in color. Looking through the window the hood is yellow-greenish. I could see it all over other cars too but the photos didn't really show it.


luvonne said...

My allergies are kicking in just LOOKING at your pollen!!!

My Little Family: said...

Luvonne, Jerry had to take the allergy shot this year. I remember a year in Kodiak where the spruce pollen was unbelievable too.

tina said...

Ugh! That pollen is very thick! I feel bad for everyone who is allergic to it and maybe some rain will come and wash it away-soon!

Julie said...

LOL...I used to deal with that when I lived in Gainesville! That stuff does cause a lot of grief! My allergies are so improved after getting away from it. It was so think...loads of pine trees in G'Ville...but I do love my pine trees...they are just so beautiful...I guess worth the times you have to deal with the mess!!!

Yes, Doozey does walk with me, and sometimes my Mom too!!!

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