Thursday, March 26, 2009

Family Quiz

OK, since the quiz I offered was a bit tough, I will tell a little more about each person. Oh, and don't be shocked if I don't look like my siblings because actually I am an only child. My Dad's late wife had 6 kids so really they are stepsiblings, stepnieces, etc. Here goes:

First photo: my dad of course

Second photo: Ann & Samantha are sisters, Johnathan is nephew, Phyllis is sister-in-law

Third photo: Eddie is brother-inlaw, Drew is nephew, Paul is brother-in-law

Fourth photo: Sommer is niece

Fifth photo: Judy is sister

Sixth photo: Michael & Jerrod are nephews

Seventh photo: Phyllis is sister-in-law & Terrell is brother

Eighth photo: Reba is sister

One sibling is deceased but there was a family member there to represent him ;)


JaMean said...

Wow. That's still impressive. I love how all your family is together!

spookydragonfly said...

Oh yeah-h-h...that's what I thought...ha! Hope this finds Dad on his way to recovery!

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