Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hospital Photos

Daddy-o in his hospital bed before his heart cath procedure.

Waiting room photos during the procedure - Ann, Samantha, Jonathan, & Phyllis.

Eddie, Drew, & Paul



All the guys in the waiting room on my dad's floor - there were too many of us for his room, LOL.
Michael & Jarrod

Phyllis & Terrell

OK, that's the family. Now see if you can construct the families. Come on, give it a try! It will be fun. Here's some hints:
1 - There are 3 couples in these photos but they may not necessarily be sitting or standing together
2 - There are two step sisters pictured who do not have a spouse pictured (one not there, one is single)
3 - There are 4 grandsons pictured but only one grand daughter (somehow one granddaughter escaped being photographed)
4 - One couple has two boys and all four of them are pictured.
5 - One couple has 3 kids but only one pictured.
6 - One couple has only one child and she is the only granddaughter photoed.
7 - There is also a grandson there whose dad, my stepbrohter, is deceased so he has no parent in the photos.


Julie said...

Hope your Dad is OK! You are gonna kill me with this puzzle!!!

JaMean said...

Wow! Your family is HUGE! That is so cool that everyone was there. He is so blessed. :)

Hope everything went ok and continues to be ok!!

cindee said...

It is wonderful to see such a strong supportive family there for you dad. I am sure he really appreciated it. (-:

spookydragonfly said...

Oh my gosh, it's 4:30 am here, just starting my second cup of coffee, I attempted to re-construct your family...too early! Your father is lucky in that he has such a loving family to support him. I hope this finds him recovering and getting stronger every day. He's in my prayers.

Skeeter said...

It looks as though your dad had a great support team by his side! Such a wonderful family...

Get Well Soon!

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