Friday, March 6, 2009

How I Spent My Friday Night

I believe I had a GREAT Friday night! First I fed and walked my:
Then I finally finished making my St. Patrick's Day wreaths. I kept procrastining the finish because I'm not crazy about them. I didn't care for many of the doo-dads available - I didn't want beer jugs on my wreath, LOL.
And finally I finished off the night by playing Wii. I did very well at the bowling training game where it keeps adding more pins - first frame is 10 pins and they increase up to 91 pins!. See the scorekeeper thingy in the upper left of the photo? The check marks indicates strikes. Just one more frame to go........
And STIKE on the last frame! I got all 91 pins down. It was my night.


cindee said...

Your wreaths are cute! I cheated and bought a clover to hang on the door. At Michaels they had so many cool things but I bought my stuff at Joanns because it was 50% off(-: I got some cute garland with pots of gold and clovers and stuff. I have to hang that up still. I really wanted a lighted tinsel garland but I haven't found any anywhere)-: Oh except online. I didn't think I had time to order it. Sounds like you had a great Friday!! Hope your weekend goes well too!! Give the dogs a hug for me!(-:

Julie said...

Your wreaths are awesome, as usual, girl!!! I will have to try the bowling game on the Wii again. We have gotten more into the Wii Fit, and haven't played the tennis or bowling lately!!! You are a great bowler! I like your little character!

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