Monday, March 30, 2009

NPR Sunday Puzzle

**update** Madagascar = Mazda + gas + car

Name a country somewhere in the world. Insert a 'Z.' The result can be broken up into 3 consecutive words. The first word is a popular brand name. The second word is something this product uses, and the third word is the kind of product it is. What's the country?

This one jumped right out at me once I Googled countries of the world and had a list to browse ;)

I'll give 3 hints: 1) News says Chrystler is in trouble, 2) I'm not crazy about animated films, 3) Watch out for the hatter! These aren't straight out clues - you gotta think about them so it might just be easier to figure it out on your own, LOL.


Julie said...

Oh lord...this sounds aweful....i must have time for this one!!!

Hope all is well in your world.

Love your new Easter background!!!

belinda said...

hey there....I appreciate your visit.....and yes, my (2)green quilts DO have some 'veggie' fabrics included. *LOL*...this is some of what Mr. Brown Dirt bought me for Christmas...was glad I could
find a use for some of it!!!

wormandflowers said...

I can never figure out those word puzzles. I love you new layout. Calming colors.

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