Saturday, April 25, 2009

Before and After

Jerry & worked in the yard today - together! Normally he mows the lawn & I do the rest although "the rest" has grown and grown in this Florida climate. I once said to him "Sometimes I wish I had married a landscaper" and he replied "I did". LOL

Here is the perimeter around the pool. You can probably see that we could no longer walk around the pool without the risk of falling in. Same was true for the rat terriers actually. It was lush & full and beautiful but it was a safety hazard and way overgrown. While there is still much more work to do (is a gardener's work ever done?), this is what we accomplished today.

Since this photo I have swept up all that debris and threw it back into the beds as mulch. Need all the moisture rentention mulch we can get these days. We are three years into a drought in our area. Serious watering restrictions with serious fines for breaking them.

This little corner where the walkway around the screen porch ends and the patio around the pool begins. Completly run over by a jasmine vine and a hibicus bush. Hard to tell in this photo that there was "stuff" under the foliage.

The same spot although a tad closer. Under all tht mess of plant was several pots and a lantern.

I curse the day I planted this plant. It was about 5 years ago and the following year I dug it all out, or so I thought, because it became invasive. Oh, and it wasn't planted in the ground, it was in a pot with my succulents. Every year I find it somewhere. I even found some in the front yard!

Ahhhhhh, much better..........until next year that is!


Julie said...

Good amt. of clearing out you accomplished today!!! I love when you find stuff underneath!!!

I liked you little row of succulents...they were pretty!!!

CiNdEe said...

Wow that grows like a weed! What is it?
I love your pruning it really opened up the pool area(-: That is good the rats will be safe again(-:
Do they swim? Jack hates baths but he will get in the creek water.
It is so hard to imagine Florida in a drought. I guess I just think of it as so tropical. I guess not all is. Same here in CA.
Love your signature(-:

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