Sunday, April 26, 2009

Green Thumb Sunday

Today will be a triple Green Thumb Sunday for me - I'm posting my GTS, will attend a Green Thumb festival in St. Pete, and I will be planting 2 Topsy-Turvey tomato planters. Wow, I can hardly wait to get hte day started!

This orchid is Native to the Tampa area. Look at all the bloom spikes on it! I was going to try and repot it a couple weeks ago when I saw the beginings of these spikes. Very small but fragrant flowers.
Such a dainty, lacey bloomer. I wish it bloomed several times a year. The good news is that it usually has 3 bloom spikes and all will be open at one time.

Another Florida Native. This one is the Ghost Orchid made famous in the movie Adaptation. It has no leaves and will someday bloom directly from the roots. It sat still for a couple years, it seemed, but lately I have seen obvious growth. Since it was propagated from seeds, I imagine I still have a few more years until bloom time.

I beleive I recently shared a photo of the phal but it's got so many buds & blooms I just had to share on it's blooming progress again. There are three phals blooming in this corner but this is the most spectacular.

This little RED vanda just opened up this morning. It's a mini and very sweet. The color most unusual too.

This is another valium that is just in the process of opening, The plant isn't much to look at but it is a stellar bloomer.

I was reading culture information on heliconias last night and realized I planted at the wrong time - whoops! I've been babying them so they are doing OK.

Love the color of this Easter cactus. If it took any longer to bloom I would need to rename it a Memorial Day cactus!

My anthirium is performing well - lots of blooms and beautiful leaves. I'm leaving it in the pot because, in the past, those planted in the soil have died during cold spells and those above ground have not.

I regret ending with such a sad sight. If you click on to enlarge, or just look closely, you will see I drew boxes around my two dead pentunias. See, this is why I don't care for annuals - they don't lve long enough!

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