Sunday, April 19, 2009

Green Thumb Sunday

What's blooming this lovely Sunday morning?
My neighbor's pink hibiscus that creeps over my fence and offers a bit of shade.




Neighbor's vine that my hubby loves


Looks like there are LOTS more blooms on the way judging by the number of buds on the bloom spikes!



And now, some shot of those preparing to bloom or grow!


Dendrobian - every year I think this deciduous plant is dead but it comes back. It drops it's leaves and then blooms on the bare canes. I have no idea if I should cut off the old ones or leve them. Any ideas?

Oncidium - thought i had killed this one but there's hope because there's new growth!



And finally, a little peek at my environment on a Sunday morning. Love the calm & quiet of early morning. The temeprature is perfect!


cindee said...

How can it be calm and quiet with the rats running around?(-: LOL
Your orchids are so beautiful. I love seeing them!!!! I don't have any petunias yet. I usually buy some to plant in the yard though. My jasmine isn't blooming yet either. I can't wait. They smell heavenly! Well I am off to Wally World for some bird food(-: Have a great day!!!

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Nothing green up here yet - just green spruce trees. Not even a crocus. But we still got plenty of heavenly snow! Patrick

ChrisC and JonJ said...

Just happened onto your blog.Love your orchids.I cut my old canes off when it's obvious they aren't going to do anymore.Twice I have thrown a cutting of an old cane under some bushes and they both rooted there.So now I try to do that,but it doesn't always work.

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