Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wanna Hear Somethin Funny?

Refer back to the Easter dinner photo by clicking here and enlarge photo by clicking on it.

So Mom splurged on new dishes. They are sold by the piece so she bought what she could when she was visiting Aunt Mary (a couple hours north of us). Then she went to a store near her house for more until finally I took her to St. Pete where she was able to finish the collection.

So we are sitting at Easter dinner and someone asks the name. I picked up my bowl and said "Belize" and mom said that wasn't right. She & Jerry picked up theirs which had a different name. Turns out in purchasing these pieces she ended up with one odd ball bowl! The two patterns look very much alike. Also, my off-pattern bowl had a significent chip in it but it gets better....somehow she ended up with 1 extra bowl so she still has her matching set in tact.

I find this very funny.

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Julie said...

What a story! Good it all came together like that! There are some dishes that are very similar to my pattern that I see at the thrift stores all the time, and I have to look hard and check the bottom to see before I buy them, cause I get fooled all the time by them!

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