Saturday, April 18, 2009


It must seem like I use the term "cousin" quite often in my posts. My "skin & bones" friends, as opposed to "online" or "blogger" friends (I coined that term after "brick & mortar" businesses versus "onine" business) have asked just how many cousins I have since I mention them often. My answer is when both of your parents are #8 out of 11, you have a lot of cousins!

Before I answer that question I would like to address a pet peeve of mine - the use of the term second cousin. I have repeatedly been corrected when I refer to my cousin's children as my first cousin once removed and am told they are my second cousin. This is NOT correct and I am flabergasted by the number of people who believe this and determined to argue their belief. Even when I explain that I do genealogical research and use professional lineage programs I am told that I am wrong or that my family must do it differently. I couldn't get a chart to copy well so click here for a Wikipedia page with a great chart that explains consanguinity.

To answer the question at hand - 37 first cousins and approx 65 first cousins once removed!

Dad's side "Manning" first cousins - Tom (2), Betty K (2), Patsy, Mike, Danny (2), Evelyn (2), Andy (1), Chuck (5), Bob (7), Jeanette (4), Bud, Donnie (2), Bill (4), Mernie (2), Bobbie (3), Diane (2), Mike (1), & Linda (2).

Mom's side "Barnes" first cousins - Lea (2), Bill (4), Baxter Lee (3), Ernest (2), Frankie(?), Carol Jane (2), Phillis(2), Ricky (2), Terry (4), Raymond (?), Roy (?), Larry Don, Alice Gail, Jimmy, David, Wayne, Vickie Lynn (1), Rhonda (2), & Elizabeth (1).

Sadly, I cannot name all my first cousins once removed (my cuzzie's kids) so I've put the number in (parenthesis) although I could have missed some, sorry family members :( In a large family sometimes a cousin seems more like an aunt or uncle and vice versa. Sometimes I am closer in age to my first cousins once removed than their parent who is my first cousin.

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cindee said...

Wow what a great family! My parents were both only children so I have no cousins or aunts/uncles from them. Just great aunt/uncles Cousins from those people. It is to confusing to

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