Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Flossie!

My Aunt Flossie (who lives about an hour and a half away and is my dad's only remaining sibling) is having a birthday tomorrow. I believe she will be 92!

A couple years ago we (Dad came down for the occassion) went down for her 90th birthday hoping to take her to a nice dinner. When we arrived we saw she had baked herself a big birthday cake. She wouldn't hear of going out; instead, she made a dinner for 15 people! Some days I just ponder her life and try to figure out the secret a long and healthy life.

These photo are from a family gathering at my cousin Linda's in Illinois. It's the early 90's I believe and the only photo of Aunt Flossie on this particular computer.

First photo: the two kneeling are little Andy (Cousin Linda's son) and my Cousin Bud (deceased). Standing from the left: Aunt Flossie, behind her is Cousin Linda, then me in the jumpsuit, next to me is Mindy (Cousin Diane's dau), Then Dan (Cousin Diane's hubby & all around nice guy), then Cousin Diane, then my Dad & stepmom Bessie (deceased). The last person is Linda's ex-husband who will remain nameless because I am still angry with him.

Second photo is great shot of Cousin Linda in forground drinking applejuice (LOL), an almost shot of Cousin Diane's head, Aunt Flossie with her arm up, and finally Aunt Mary who died about 5 years ago.

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