Saturday, May 9, 2009

Doggie Date Night

Last night Daisey & I went to one in a series of outdoor movies in the park at the Largo Central Park. Each Friday night in May they are playing a family-oriented film and each week has a theme. Last night's was "Doggie Date Night" and your canine friends were invited to attend.

Here's a photo of Daisey strolling along from the parking area to the park greenspace. The event "opened" at 6:30 meaning that is when the concessioners opened & themed events began. They gave out some raw hide chews for the dogs & cardboard fans for the humans although the weather was perfect - warm but with a slight breeze.

This is the view walking up to the area. This shot was taken probably close to 7:30 which, as you can see, is way to bright to show a movie yet.

I was wondering how they were going to show a movie outside and on what. I guess on a building? Nope! They had this giant inflatable screen - actually it looked as though the black frame part was inflatable and the white screen part wasn't. Very clever ;)

Then Daisey & I proceeded to share a Philly Cheesteak that "we" purchased on the way. The lady in the drive up recognized Daisey as a Rat Terrier because she had 4 of them :) That's a clever little "Outward Hound" device there for transporting food & water.

Daisey on our quilt in all her glory - freckles in her ears & her overbite showing. She was a busy girl almost all night & constantly walking around me.

You can see as the time drew near there were a lot of people in attendancebut it wasn't crowded and everyone had a good view - even those of us who did not bring a folding chair.

After dinner we started to have visitors.........................

and another........................................

and another.............................

and Daisey actually played with this little puppy. They were moving so fast i oculdn't get a good shot. He's a cross between a toy fox terrier & a rat terrier.

The movie shortly after it started. The picture got even better when it was pitch black.

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