Saturday, May 9, 2009

Out To Dinner With DH

Thought I would sneak in a photo of me & Ed that I took tonight while waiting for Jerr to get ready to go to dinner. Daisey was in the last post several times so I wanted to give Ed equal time ;)

The restaurant parking lot is shaded by these lovely old live oaks. Aren't they just grand with the hanging spanish moss?

Jerr receive a gift certificate for this restaurant, and it was about to expire, and since we didn't go out with the moms tonight (doing mother's day tomorrow) we decided to go out ourselves - alone. Wow. Old married couples gone wild - unescorted!

This is part of the front of the restaurant. The right end, which you don't see, is an octagon. It's nice inside as well. They have two dining rooms. One dark and intimate, one a bright, garden room.

The gift certificate was for $50 and they had a special menu where you order from for $25 per person so it worked out perfectly!

The first choice was appetizer. I chose the rizzoto balls - rizotto with asiago & herbs rolled in breadcrumbs and served with a sauce made from grilled red peppers - delic! Jerry had these shrimp that were stuffed with ricotta & spinache and then covered in small pieces of phylo and served with some mustard sauce. Salads were nice too. Then I had the scallops (above) with basil pureed potatoes and Jerry had a New York steak served over sauteed spinach, mushrooms, & pearl onions as well as garlic mashed potatos. Very, very nice.

The final choice was dessert! I choose the chocolate overload with raspberry sauce & whipped cream. Jerry had a cheesy custard thing with figs & fig sauce. I couldn't finish the chocolate even though I brought home two of my scallops to leave room ;)
The ratties enjoyed having a chopped scallop atop their kibble tonight!

By the way, if you are ever in Belleair Florida (where Hulk Hogan lives, LOL), be sure to check out this restaurant. I give it 5 stars!


Julie said...

LOL...I know what you mean about old married couples going out unescorted!!! I feel the same way now whenever David and I go out together just the two of us! LOLOL! It is a new lease on life for a few quiet moments without anyone else around! Glorious!

The dinner looked fabulosa! I have never been to Bellaire, but if I ever get over...I will be calling on you and Jerry to come join us!

My Little Family: said...

Julie - we have to get you up for the Green Thumb Festival next year!

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