Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mother's Day

I know I am a little late but a lot has happened the last couple weeks including problems with my laptop that I usually use for photos. Because we go out to dinner with the moms every Saturday night, we tend to stay home and do something quiet on Mother's day. I like to say we let the "amatuers" go out, LOL. The reality is that on Mohter's Day the restaurants are way too crowded so let the people who only go out once or twice a year enjoy their day without us adding to the wait time.

This year my mom decided she wanted to cook. Yes, on Mother's Day. Jerry & I had both been sick with a stomach virus around that time otherwise we probably would have cooked out at our house. No cooking in without a working stove :( Mom said to bring both the dogs so here is Eddie saying thank you to my mom.

And Daisey claiming my MIL Marge. They are much calmer aorund her lately. Thank goodness because they used to paw at her for a rub down and it would rip the skin on her arms.

Eddie getting a ear scratch from Marge. He looks to be falling asleep standing upright.

" Hey Grandma Marge I can help you get the goodies out of that package!"

Mom opening her card.

Ed & Miss D got to chew the leftovers off the pork chop bones. Don't worry, they didn't actually get to chew the bone. No way, cooked bones splinter.

And finally, scraps!!!! Gee, now that i look at it, seems more like Rat Terrier day than mother's day, LOL.


CiNdEe said...

Great pictures.
Everyday is Jack day. He thinks the world revolves around him(-: He is happy to share with me though!!!(-:

Skeeter said...

I am sure that everyday is doggie day around your house! :-) It looks like a good time was had by all but sorry you two were not feeling well....

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