Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another Father's Day Post

Now, a post for my mother's side - my maternal grands. Had to do two post because I a lucky to have these old photos and it gets confusing working with both sides at the same time!

This photo is of my maternal grandparents, David Andrew Barnes & Ethel Vernolia Gillihan, with my Aunt Frances in Grandpa Barnes's lap and an unknown girl in the background.

This photo contains the same Grandpa David Andrew Barnes only he is the little boy standing behind his mother and beside his grandmother. The man sitting in the chair with a little girl on his lap is his father, my great grandfather William Andrew Barnes (1869 - 1935)

Now, let's switch over to my maternal grandmother's side. Here are the father's on my Grandma Ethel Vernolia Gillihan-Barnes's side:

My great grandparents on my grandparents Henry Newton Gillihan and Icie Brewer

A younger photo of Henry Newton Gillihan

And an even younger - he is the young man to the far right standing in the back row.

This photo is of Henry Newton Gillihan's parents so they are my great, great grandparents William Riley Gillihan Jr. (1854 - 1937) and Ava Sophia Thompson (1856 - 1930).

A little younger shot of William Riley Gillihan Jr. He's on the right.

Switching from grandma's Gillihan side to her Brewer side.

Grandma's mother (my great grandmother) Icie Brewer is the second girl from the right standing (behind the little boy in chair). Her father, my great great grandfather is the fellow in third chair from left with leg crossed. His name is Argyle Homer Brewer (1847 - 1903).

So, these are the men to whom I owe my existance. They also passed values down from generation to generation that are now a part of me. Funny, from you would think I would be a vegtable gardener with all these farmers in my blood!

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