Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Tribute To Dads

These photos are of my paternal dads. I am thinking of them all today.

This is an old photo of my mom & dad before I was born.

These are my paternal grandparents - Andrew Jackson Manning (1892 - 1970) and Rose Cleo Truxler (1893 - 1967). Both were born, raised, married, and died in Lawrence County, Arkansas.

I am related to most of the kiddos in this photo; however, what makes it really interesting is that my grandparents (Andrew Jackson Manning & Rose Cleo Truxler) are in it. Both are in the front row - he is the 4th from the right and she is second to the left of the girl holding the sign. Photo from Union School (Lawrence Co., ) Arkansas in 1903.

This is James Jon Manning (1866 - 1944), father of Andrew Jackson Manning so he is my paternal great grandfather. He was born in Indiana or Kentucky during a brief period when his father was a coalminer (they left their home in Alabama after the War Between the States) before the family settled in Arkansas.

This photo is of the Manning clan. My Grandpa Andrew Jackson Manning & his wife Rose Cleo Truxler are the young couple in the back. His father, my great grandfather James John Manning, is the man sitting in the chair. I know it's Father's Day but another interesting person in the photo is his mother, my great, great grandmother Emily Kitchens-Manning. She the oldest female and sitting between the two young girls.

James John Manning's first wife died young (poss during childbirth since a baby died on the same day). This headstone is her (Sarah Maryann Whittaker) father's headstone so he would be my great, great grandfather. And, the old tin type photo below is thought to be him.

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