Friday, June 26, 2009

Bye Bye Baby Boomers

Yesterday morning, at work, we heard the news that Farrah Fawcett died. I was interested in hearing the news reports and mini bios of Farrah that usually follow the death of a celebrity but instead I heard that Michael Jackson died too.

Don't get me wrong, I owned the Thriller albumn in the 80's and as a kid liked the Jackson 5. But even I, who knows nothing about babies, knows you don't hang a baby over a ledge! My interest in Jackson wanned with what I saw as bizarre behavior and the balcony incident sealed the deal for me.

I'm disappointed that Farrah's coverage appears to have been cut short by the coverage of MJ. I was looking forward to the trip down memory lane with Farrah. I remember in my senior year of high school that a friend and I saw this ad in a magazine:

and we both instantly wanted hair like that. My friend was a blonde so she had an advantage and I believe she probably had a better stylist (they weren't called that at the time) but I had thickier hair with more of a natural wave to it. We both had something akin to "the Farrah". Here's mine (and I did it myself):

It's shocking to have TWO celebrity baby boomers die in the same day, especially since I am a baby boomer. I'm not listening to the radio or watching TV tonight because I am sick of hearing the theme song of the day - Thriller. I've even heard it on NPR!

While many people are honoring MJ tonight, and I have to admit that the "We Are The World" thing was phenomenal, I'm a little disappointed I'm not seeing more of Farrah. She made an impression on this young girl.
As silly or as trivial as it may sound, she brought glamour to me. I grew up teased and embarrassed about having red hair (I remember wanting to just be "normal") but having"my Farrah" sure changed the way people looked at this redhead - suddenly my hair was pretty and not wierd.
Oh and I should add the disclaimer that I am not a celebrity watcher normally. There are only a few that catch my attention and one of them was Ferrah. In fact, coworkers were talking about Jessica Biel one day and I thought she was the girl from Flashdance, LOL.
Thanks Farrah. Rest In Peace.


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

It kinda ticked me off that she didn't get her own day. How weird is that?

My Little Family: said...


CiNdEe said...

Yeah I agree. MJ is on every channel. How many times do you want to see him laying on the gurney with the O2 strapped to his face and an EMT doing CPR?
O.K. since you brought up the kid thing. How many people out there actually believe those kids are his real biological children? Um...???
I watched Farrah every week on Charlies Angels. I think every teenager wanted hair like that! I tried My mom is a beautitican. Some hair just won't go that

Julie said... was a sad day yesterday...I am really sad. Farrah was a beauty, wasn't she??? We all loved Charlies Angels so much! It was a phenomenon! I am so sorry about her death, too. You sure were a beautiful bride! WOW! Gorgeous hair!!!

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