Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"I Get No Respect!"

There's something about driving a Scion XB. You get no respect on the road. We should call it our Rodney Dangerfield car! It started the first day we drove it home from the lot and were cut off by an SUV within a mile of the Toyota dealership. No, its not that they didn't see us because they had been behind us so we would of have to *poof* disappear not to be there. It seems no matter how fast we drive other drivers need to get ahead of us as if our "toy" car isn't capable of sustained speed.

This car actually deserves respect in my estimation. It gets good gas milage, the interior is smartly designed, and it's very easy to park. What's not to like? Better question, what's to hate to the point where you (and you know who you are) feel compelled to pass us or run us off the road. Is the Scion that insignificent?

Tell me what you do or own that gets "No Respect"? Please share your stories. Looking forward to reading your comments! Oh - and spread the word, "I Get No Respect!"


Julie said...

LOLOL! I feel like this too...I wonder if we all do, no matter what we drive? Or do you notice a difference between this and your other car? Interesting!

My big beef is that I seem to be invisible to others when I am in a store or on the street...they just seem to walk right into me like they can't see me. WOW! I ain't no slight woman. What's up with that??? I always kinda laugh on the inside cause I say..."Hello...I know you see me standing right in front of you"...it's as though if I don't move out of their way, they can't be bothered to move over two steps to the right to avoid me! Maybe it is just where I live that people are so rude...hmmm...something for all you south-eastern Florida people to question!!!

CiNdEe said...

Cute car(-: I have a Vibe.
It doesn't get a lot of respect either. Those big gas guzzlers just fly by me!
I think there are more and more rude people period. I see it everytime I go anywhere. People are just rude and disrespectful to everyone. Its rare to see a young person with manners now days too! It is so sad really!

Zoya said...

I don't respect my own truck. It gets 16 miles to the gallon, and breaks down all the time. Right now both the tail and breaks lights are not working (never fear I do have a fix it appointment scheduled). Now I am worried that people really can't see me when I slow down or break to turn. A couple of days ago I had a cop behind me and had to go straight past work and keep on going until he turned off before I turned back and went to work. Phewwww - close to a ticket! Patrick

My Little Family: said...

Julie - We also have a Buick midsized car and I would say that there is a difference in the way other drivers treat us in the Scion versus the Buick.

CiNdEe - it's like the big SUVs ar afraid to ride behind us, like it maks them look slow which is really weird because I am not a slow driver - I have a ticket to prove it!

Patrick - the good news about your 16 miles per gallons is that there are probably days in Kodiak when you don't drive 16 miles in one day. A tank of gas in Kodiak usually lasted me at least 2 weeks unless I went out the road. GET THOSE LIGHTS FIXED! Those babies need a daddy.

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