Sunday, July 5, 2009

Green Thumb Sunday

Today I decided to take another look at gardening in commercial venues. In an earlier post I photographed entryways. Today, I have chosen a nearby industrial park.

Love the large date palm tree. There is also a nice example of a crepe myrtle behind the palm.
A an old oak next to a parking area in this complex. See the picnic table in the background. I guess workers can come out there for lunch, smoke, etc.

The view from the table. Law requires that when building creates impervious surfaces they must also create a solution for urban runoff/stormwater. Could be a ditch in some cases but around my house it is usually a retention pond. This one is so big and mature with plants that perhaps it is a natural one.

Photos above and below are of the same area - view from the picnic table. I got close but then decided it looked a little gatorish for me alone.

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Julie said...

Thanks for staying away from any gatorish areas!!! I am seeing so many old, old oaks in my travels this week! The center to top of the state are just full of them!!! Gorgeous!!!!! We don't have any moss where we are either in south Fl., sadly! I will think of you with each one I see today, while we travel up to the Jacksonville area.

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