Monday, July 6, 2009

Ratbone Quilt Block

Here's the block I made for the Ratbone Raffle quilt this year; however, I've discovered a problem with it. I made the center image from a photo of my Eddie and skewed the colors into purples but the photo transfer smears if I touch the iron to it. These transfers are the type that you are supposed to be able to make t-shirts and other fabric things with so what the heck??? anyone out there know something about 'setting" the inks? They feel kinda rubbery.

I was cleaning out my sewing area and found my Kodiak Bear Paw Quilters badge. The design of this mini block is called "bear paw" and it was perfect for the guild to adopt for our nametags. Everyone made one in the fabric(s) of their choice and it was interesting to see the individuality of them. I chose my favorite fabric which is blueberries and salmonberries - how Kodiak is that?!?!?! I also added a little embellishment with the minis - tomato pin cushion, embrodiery floss, & rotary cutter. Fun!


Julie said...

I made a two pillows once years ago where I used a transfer with the computer...and had no I can't help with this problem...sorry.

Your bear paw idea for name tags is adorable...I love yours so looks just like something I would have imagined you to make!!!

CiNdEe said...

I love the quilt block and the quilters badge! I don't know about the ink. Maybe it needs to dry completely first? Hope it works out cuz that is adorable!

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