Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lottery Winner!!!!!

No, not me. But, I bet I had your attention!

Forty one states, the District of columbia, and Puerto Rico have lotteries. Here in Forida we have drawings twice a week (Wednesday & Saturday nights) for the state Lotto and Powerball. In addition, there are 4 other games with seperate drawings. This leads me to my point................

1. With all these games and drawings, why don't I know of anyone who has ever one anything above the $5 level? That whole six degrees of seperation would tell me that someone in my realm should have won something.
My husband, who does play the Lotto (I don't), says your chances are almost he same whether you play or don't play. LOL

So, my question to you is.......do you know of anyone (include yourself as "a friend") who has actually won anything in a lottery? And, how did their life change if at all?
2. If these games are supposed to raise so much money for schools, how come we still pay school taxes and you hear so much about raising classroom sizes, cutting teachers & programs?

Just curious.


CiNdEe said...

My husband knows a couple who won three times! Two smaller ones and one million dollar one. That was 25years ago and the wife just passed away a couple weeks ago after getting her final payment! Thats about as close to knowing someone as I get! Other then that a school district (group of 15 teachers and administrators)in our area won 76 million dollars to split up. Not sure what they got for the final payoff.

Julie said...

I knew one gal I used ot wrok with...after she and her husband got married, they went and bought 100 lottery tickets...when they were checking them the next day, as they were down to the last 5 tickets or so, they didcovered they had gotten 4 numbers right and they won 7000 dollars. These are the only ones I ever knew who won. Good question about the schools...does make one wonder...but I do know that the lottery pays for Bright Future Scholarships, which I am proud to say my daugher recieved!!! YEAH!!!

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