Saturday, August 22, 2009

Limited Internet

I'm in Litle Rock, leaving tomorrow. Dad had successful implant of pacemaker/difibulator. No idea if I spelled that correctly, LOL.

There's no WiFi here but everyone once in a while I can 'borrow" an unsecured line for a few minutes. Today it is coming in as low instead of very low so I can get to the blog site but photos and backgrounds don't load.

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes and prayers for my Dad. Also, thank you to the pet lovers out there who were concerned about Daisey. Hubby says it is like nothing ever happened now.

Whoops, I just lost internet connection so not sure this will even post. Crossing fingers and toes!

1 comment:

Julie said...

Oh, so glad your Dad got his implanted pacer/defibrillator OK!

Be safe on your trip home!

Glad to hear Daisey is OK too!!!! I would not want anything to be wrong with that pretty girl!!!

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