Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On My Way To Arkansas

to see my Dad at the Arkansas Heart Hospital. I'm doing laundry and packing tonight but will try to find time to post photos from the weekend with a future post date. By the way, Daisey was OK. turned out to be a pulled muscle in her neck.


CiNdEe said...

I am so glad Daisey is o.k. I have been thinking about her since your post. My internet has been down. Off and on for the last few days. I get on here and it goes off!!! So I finally got on tonight and checked on you.
I hope you have a safe trip!
I hope your dad will be ok too!!! Take care!! Give Daisey a big kiss from me and Jack!!!

Julie said...

Hope your Dad is doing OK, Vickie! I missed your post about Daisey...need to read back a little, I guess. It has been hit or miss for me getting on the internet these last 4 weeks with the kids and grands in the house. They should be moving sometime this week...their first shipment of household goods arrives on tomorrow to their new apt. Glad Daisey was OK!!!
Be safe on your trip!!!

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