Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Catching Up

Hello Blogger friends! I've been busy with family and a few little emergencies lately. I've got lots of photos to catch up with so let's get started!

Sarah's ocean-themed birthday cake. She was four years old last Wednesday. Wow - how time flies! This was the family party plus a little neighbor girl. On Saturday they went to a beach house but we had plans with Jerry's cousin Maureen who was visiting from Philadelphia.

I write a lot about my cousin Erica and her mom Lea but I'm not sure i've ever had a photo of Lea's husband Don. He is the perfect southern gentlemen.

Erica & Scott dishing up the cake. The little neighbor girl Gracie was so shy and quiet. When we asked her if she wanted something she would whisper a response.

There' Lea! My first cousin. A proud grandma.

Wierd photo of me and Jerr. Something about the angel I took this photo makes it turn out strange. Or, maybe we are just strange! LOL

The Tinkerbelle costume we got for Sarah. I wasn't sure what to get a 4 year old.

No more quiet shell! Once the girls donned the new princess outfits they were energized and went around inviting us to the night ball.
For some reason the photo of my mom isn't loading.......humm

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