Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Weekend

Friday night, before the Daisey emergency, Jerry's visiting cousin Maureen came over and we went to see the movie Julia/Julie. Enjoyed the movie & seeing Maureen. This photo was taken just moments before Daisey hurt herself. (Don't worry - all is well now.)
Saturday night we went to Al Fresco in Dunedin. They have the BEST chicken parmesan although I had the Alaska halibut ;) Maureen and Marge enjoying the best seats in the house.

Jerry at the restaurant. Hard to believe looking out the windows that only moments before it was raining. LOL
Before we left Jerry bought desserts to go and we went to my mom's for coffee. I split the desserts into multiple pieces so we could try a little piece of several ;)

All around the table at Mom's. Jerry, Marge, Maureen, and mom.

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