Saturday, October 3, 2009

Men ARE From Mars; a.k.a. My Husband The Vitamin Snob

All my life I have had difficulty taking vitamins. Seems no matter what brand or type they upset my stomach. This is true of a couple other medications as well. Finally, I have found something that I can take but my hubby doubts their effectivness because he takes these fancy liquid vitamins:

And he sees my vitamins (photo below) as candy for kids. I argue that if I can stomach them then it is much better than not taking any at all. I believe he thinks mine are like "junk food".

Would be interested in hearing how you all weight in on this - the great vitamin debate!


FoxyMoron said...

Well my husband should rattle when he walks he takes so many supplements. Me I try to eat as well as I can and get it all through food, but if I'm run down or busy and not eating properly I take a multi vitamin tablet, and sometimes fish oil if my joints are acting up.

I say whatever works for you. I wonder how much sugar is in those liquid vitamins anyway?

Julie said...

I still say we can eat healthy foods and get enough vitamins out of that...without taking suppliments (many doctors will agree with this, and many will disagree). I just had my bone density test at age 53 and it was perfect. I eat green leafy vegetables, and all kinds of milk products, and we all get enough sunshine here in Florida! If you take suppliments, be sure to take with your food...they absorb best this way. Many adults take childrens vitamins...for all kinds of reasons. I also get upset stomach or some kind of problem when I take the regular vitamins (with or without IRON, which some people think may cause the nausea).

Good luck, girl!!!

CiNdEe said...

I can't swallow pills so vitamins are hard to take unless they are small. I never thought about getting the chewables! Good idea!!!

Synaura said...

Different body requires different nutrition, so it is advisable to consult first with a physician before taking any supplements. Everyone should bare in mind that aside from taking supplements, one must be conscious of his diet and daily activities to live a healthy lifestyle.
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