Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Morning Breakfast

Hubby LOVES breakfast but I didn't feel like getting dressed to go out so instead I decided to cook breakfast. Bad news is that I did not shop for ingredients for making a big breakfast this morning so I had to make due with what was in the fridge.

I found 4 eggs - that's good, I can make an omlette. There is some bread for toasting although it is not the type one would cover with jelly. Oh right, we don't have any jelly :) Cheese is always good in an omlette. The only veggie around is baby spinach. Pass on that. And for the flavoring, it was either shrimp, scallops, or crab. I couldn't face deveining shrimp this morning so crab it was.

You gotta break some eggs.............................................

And then you ahve to torture them with a German egg whisk..........................

While the pan is heating on the new stove you slice up some bread with whole cloves of roasted garlic (look near the tip of the knife).

Line up your slices like little soldiers in the toaster. Soon it will be their time. Always like to have the bread ready and waiting so all I have to do is push the lever.

What's breakfast without somesort of fruit? It was either blueberries (too small), grapes (nah) or those Asian pear apple (YES!). I core and peel them because I find both bitter. I know, there are vitamins in that skin.

Need to get the crab meat out of the crab shell. Forgot how throny king crab is. I use my Victorinox steak knives for everything. Somewhere there is a gourmet chef rolling over in his/her grave ;)

See! It worked beautifully. I really haven't found much these knives can't do.

Turn into bite sized pieces. Ok, bite sized pieces minus TWO.

Do the egg thing. I add water to my egg before I beat them so that they get fluffy. I cook the bottom and then push the sides down to allow the raw egg to seep down. I could keep doing this until I leave just a little creamy center like a traditional omlet but, not being an egg fan, I don't want a soft spot so.....

I'm more of a frittata gal. I seasont he eggs and then put them under the broiler to firm up a little.

Then I layer the ingredients - this time king crab and cheese - and replace under the broiler to melt the cheese. I used a small pan and had lots of ingredients so I chose to leave open. If I had used a larger pan, making a larger omlett, I would have folded it.

The plated meal! It was simple and tasty. Who needs a cooking show on the Food Network when I have the entire blogsophere, LOL.


CiNdEe said...

Wonderful! I bet it was tastey!!! It is more fun to cook your meal and eat at home right(-: It is always better thats for sure!!!

Julie said...

OMG! This looks like it was sheer heaven to eat! I know Jerry was happy!!! Did you have a little Mimosa with it, or a Bloody Mary???

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