Thursday, December 3, 2009

Can You Help This Little Guy?

Meet Cody Brody, a very sweet little Rat Terrier who met up with some very bad people. You see, these folks did a horrible thing – they tossed him out the window of a moving car, breaking both of his front legs. Don't ask how people could be so cruel, we've yet to understand it. But, take heart! For every cruel person, there are many more kind souls willing to step in to help those that are helpless. Fortunately, that is what has happened with Brody.

Brody after he was picked up by a Ratbone volunteer. At this point his legs were not set correctly so he was in pain.

This was his legs UNDER the casts. No wonder he was grumpy and didn't want to be touched.

Now he has cleaned up skin and padding under the casts. He is now friendly and smells good. If that little change made him happy, imagine how happy he will be after the surgery!

Ratbone Rescues has pulled Brody from his shelter and placed him in foster care. After the initial injury, a vet tried to set Brody's broken legs and placed them in casts. However, we've now learned that Brody's injuries require more attention. In order to repair the damage done to them by these awful people, Brody will have to undergo orthopedic surgery. Brody will need to have the bones in his front legs shortened slightly and then secured in place with plates and screws. This will leave him with his front legs slightly shorter than his back, but this should not affect the quality of his life. (With this “jacked up” look, we think his nickname should be Hot Rod.)

Brody's surgery will cost $2,000 and will be worth every penny to make this little fellow healthy and whole again. Of course, that's a lot of money for a little homeless dog, so here's where we need more of those kind souls; those who might be willing to make a small donation towards his surgery. After hearing Brody's story, several of us are taking him on as our Christmas project. (Note: We are not associated with Ratbone Rescues, other than to be supporters of and contributors to their cause to save Rat Terriers who are in danger. Also, we are not fundraisers. We are just people who care and want to help.)

What better way to show the Love of the Season than to help a little dog like Brody. Let's prove to Brody that the human race is full of kind and caring people! Let's show those awful people who mistreated this little guy that they will not win, but that Love wins each and every time! Will you help?

If you wish to make a donation to help Cody Brody with his surgery, there are two ways to do so. You may make a donation through the Ratbone Rescues website: or by “snail mail” to Ratbone Rescues, P.O. Box 3237, Seminole, Florida 33775-3237. Please note that the contribution is for Cody Brody's surgery.

Thank you all and God bless us everyone!

and her wonderful friends :)


CiNdEe said...

That is just heart breaking)-: I am so sad for that little puppy. I can't imagine someone being so cruel. I hope that Brody gets his surgery and soon and can be good as new!

Julie said...

God bless you , Vickie for getting the word out on this. I just showed Cody's pic to my daughter and she wants to donate all of her birthday money! What a sweet girl!!! I pray Cody will be OK very soon...he is such a handsome boy!!!

My Little Family: said...

Oh Julie, give your daughter a big hug for me.

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