Monday, December 14, 2009

Am I The Last Person To Know About This? Part Two

I learned something new today! It's profound, to Jerry & me at least, but I won't be at all surprized if you all respond that this profound discovery is actually common place in other communities and to other people and I am behind the times and technology. OK, enough build up, here it is.................

Overdrive Media - Digital Bookmobile

Have you heard of it? Instead of checking out audio books at the library, you can download them to listen to on your computer or iPod or an MP3 player. Additionally, you can burn them to a CD from your computer. You use a program called Over Drive Media similar to using iTunes for getting music, podcasts, etc. on your iPod. In keeping with the lending spirit of a library, you "checkout" these audio stories onto your Over Drive cart, up to 6 at a time, and they expire from your cart after 1 week.

Jerry's mom has macular degeneration and having been an avid reader now uses audio books. At the book store they are quite spendy and sometimes I believe the vast assortment at our Largo library is overwhelming for her. We are thinking of getting her an MP3 or a new iPod (she has the tiny little Shuffle model) for Christmas and then downloading books for her each weekend when we get together.

I am listening to a book right now as I type. So, tell me - am I the last to know? Oh, and here is the URL for more info (although it is local info but you will get the idea):


carla said...

We have it here in central Iowa, the Wilbor audio system that a number of libraries subscribe to. There is also another group of libraries in the Neighor (sp?) system.
We can only get 3 books per week max. and they go back right now at the end of your 7 days, even if you are listening to it.
The library loves it cuz no more lost or broken cds or tapes to worry about.
I have a Zen that can use a storage card and i do have some trouble listening off the sd card but works fine straight to the player.

Julie said...

How cool! I did not know the libraries were ofering this. I just bought a new MP3 player too! Thanks! I'm gonna check out our county library right now!!!

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