Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mom's Birthday

Today is Mom's birthday and we went to Kobe's Japanese Steakhouse for teppenyaki cooking (mom, me, hubby jerry, and m-i-l marge) and then back to our house with cousins Lea, Erica, & Sarah for German chocolate cake. Mom came over early to do her laundry and ended up sitting with the dogs as I went shopping (yup, still have a little to do but mostly for Christmas dinner) then we listened to opera from the Met on NPR. All in all, a very nice day.

Dinner started and moved along so quickly I almost forgot to take photos. Seriously, we had appetizers about 5 minutes after sitting down. Grilled teppenyaki style cooking is so tasty and feels so "clean:. Plus, it's entertaining - the cooks get to play with the food!

Me and mom. She was twenty two when I was born. The reason we don't have big smiles is because the flash didn't want to work and this pose was a retake or two :)

My honey, the photographer.

Of course when it is your birthday you get ratted out by your family and friends so the restaurant workers can make a fool of you with a paper hat and a song in Japanese that, for as much as we would know, could be singing "this person wears a watermelon bikini". {smirk}

Nah, I'm sure the song was Happy Birthday or something similar. They brought her a cupcake and banged the drums and made a big deal.

Opening of the gifts. Luckily the tissue paper didn't meet the flame on the candle.

I was so into everything else I almost forgot the gift I had stashed in the chair under the table.

We gave her a digital camera. Hopefully she will learn to use it and take better photos than me. Actually, she can probably do that without even reading the instructions!

Back at home - cousin Lea and cousin Sarah with my foster dog Foxy Roxy. Sarah is trying to avoid the fastest tongue in the east.

Looks like Sarah failed and Roxy planted a wet one on her. We dressed the dogs up for Sarah's benefit.

Lousy photo but it was the only one I got with cousin Erica in it because she wasn't feeling well. Plans are to go over to her house to set up her Christmas tree tomorrow, December 29th ;)

Eddie & Roxy playing tug with the toy I made them from leftover polar fleece. I've had to repair and restuff that thing. I thought if I made it big they wouldn't rip it up. Silly me.

Seems everytime I put her Little Miss Merry Christmas on Daisey she gets in a bad mood. she had leftover hibatchi chicken and fried rice but I guess she was upset she didn't get cake. h well, my birthday is in 9 days so maybe she will get lucky then.............


CiNdEe said...

Great pictures(-: Happy Bday to your mom(-:
Jack hates his Santa suit too. I saw some cute little dresses at WalMart that Daisy might like better...(-: LOL To funny!!!

Julie said...

What a fun birthday for your Mom!!! two look like twins! At least you definately came from the same gene pool!!! WOW! Gorgeous!

P.S. Have you ever done or thought of doing an Etsy shop? I am looking for ways to make money without having to do a traditional JOB!!! Just wondered what you thought of it, or if you ever have.

My Little Family: said...

Julie I had/have an etsy but I didn't sell anything but then again,m i only had two items and nothing special.

Julie said...

Girl...I would think you could sell so much for pets! Your clothes and well...just everythig you make is so special and unique and WELL MADE!!!

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