Sunday, December 20, 2009

Packing Up Roxy's Belongs

Tonight is Foxy Roxy's last night with us. She came to us in October sick with heartworms. She is leaving us happy, healthy, and a member of our family. Tomorrow her new family will pick her up and drive her to Virginia. With her will go a little piece of my heart.

It was chilly here (in the 50's) and I put their polar fleece jammies on for a photo op. Then I got the bright idea that Foxy's new sister (the family is adopting two rat terriers) needs a pair too so I set to work sewing. (Daisey on left, Eddie in middle, and Roxy on right)

Here's Roxy modeling the "extra' PJs that will go with her for her new sister. She is sniffing her bag. I have her all packed up. It would have been a sad process but I was distracted trying to find her toys, LOL.

Today she has been my velcro dog and snuggling with me (is doing so right now) almost as though she knows our time together is short.

I she a cutie pie or what? She often has sad eyes - I wish I could look into them and see her life before she came to us. She must have been loved by somebody because she is so sweet and affectionate.

Here is the gang all dressed in matching attire for a holiday party held Friday night (online). Just silly, fun dog stuff.

Close up of Miss Foxy Roxy in her spaghetti strap dress. I bought that fabric at the Coast Guard exchange in Kodiak probably about 10 years ago.

Even after making two dog dresses and one doggie bow tie, I still have plenty left as it was several yards. It has a little metallic to it to give it that holiday feel.

My handsome Ed. I need to learn to use the camera to where there is no unwanted green, blue or red eye.


CiNdEe said...

OMG those are the cutest outfits I have ever seen!!!!! Jack doesn't like legs in most of his shirts so I try and buy the legless kind. Those look nice and roomy(-: The bow tie is to cute!!!!!(-:
I am sorry Roxy has to go to her new home I know you will miss her so much. I am glad though that someone is going to take care of her and love her!!!
Give her a bye hug from Jack(-:

Julie said...

I am happy for Roxy! I sure hope her new family will be as loving as you!!! I think she will have such a great Christmas with her and her sisters new jammies! They will really need them in Virginia!!!
Your dresses and bow tie for the party are so pretty!!!

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