Friday, February 26, 2010

Arkansas, Part 4

This will be the last installment of the photos I took while in Arkansas earlier this month. These are all from West Memphis where my aunt & uncle own a feed store.

Here's a shot of their store front. They have animal products, some tack, and western wear but the main business is feed.

Here's a shot inside the store. At one time they had several horses and I remember riding them as a youngster. I was kinda scared of them but I did it anyway. Nothing agaisnt horses but I prefer dogs :)

Another inside the store photo with Kunkle Bob on the left, mom in center, and Aunt Joyce on right sitting on stacks of dog food.

You can get a hat in any color you want as long as you want black or white. LOL I think these are for people who show horses. Funny, I was browsing around and saw horse treats. Now I buy dog treats but had no idea they had horse treats.

Stacks of feed in the back room. They had all kinds of stuff including food for koi fish.

I wasn't even sure what some of this was. I guess I am a city girl. Nah, more like a small town girl that has traveled tot he big city a time or two. LOL

Joyce & Bob's daughter Vickie Lynn. Guess who she was named after ;) She is a dog groomer and, like me, has gone back to college as an adult. I wish her all the luck in the world because I know how difficult it is. I would explain why there is a star coming out of her head but sher might kill me if I posted that her Christmas tree was still up. Oops! Did I say that outloud?!?!?!? LOL Seriously though, that made me feel good because I tend to leave mine up what other people would call too long.

Uncle Bob's big rig. He drives this to go pick up feed from the mills. Vickie Lynn's son Justin has helped his grandpa do a lot of customizing inside the truck. It has two beds in there and lots of chrome. When I was up there the truck was running and making lots of noise doing so and it scared me. Felt like that truck wa going to lunge and go at anytime so I made my tour quick!

Handsome young man and good kid. Likes spending time with his grandpa and grandma.

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