Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dang Fleas!


I've been fighting fleas since Nov'08. We've had spurts of no/low flea population but they are few and far between. Last night I bathed all three dogs and it went something like this:

First, Eddie. Got two off of him as soon as I sprayed water on him. Applied flea shampoo #1 (chemical type) and got two more off of him. Second flea shampoo (a natural type), nothing. Regular shampoo, none. Conditioner, none. Toweling off, one. Total 5 fleas on Ed.

Next was Jake. Nothing until the natural shampoo and got two. Honestly though, he is mostly a solid color (grey) so perhaps I didn't see them.

Daisey the flea bag. As always, Daisey had the most. I quit counting at 7 but there were more, likely 9 or 10, and got them off at every stage of the bath.

Now, before you say "use a flea preventative" I have to tell you what all we have done. Frontline at the first of the month (it kills adult fleas), mid month we do sentinal (kills flea eggs), spray the yard, prene them everynight, bath 2 days before the Frontline. Got rid of carpet & fabric furniture.

Tonight I'm sitting here watching the olympics and looking through their fur. Got 2 off Jake's feet, 3 off Eddie, and 5 off Daisey.

I'm at my wits end!


luvonne said...

Ugh!! So glad we don't have fleas up here!!! Why is that anyway???? I've never understood that, am I just in denial?

CiNdEe said...

Geez maybe its your area?
That is terrible. I use Advantix and it does the trick. Before that I about lost my mind!!!! I was giving baths almost daily! Flea powder store brand flea products etc then I said enough! Went and got the Advantix.

Julie said...

I did not get rid of the gosh darn creatures till I switched to Revolution monthly and sprinkled Borax on all carpet/furniture. Finally they were gone!

Zoya said...

No fleas here on Kodiak - just head lice. ... .Patrick

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