Monday, February 22, 2010

Manning Cemetery

I stopped by my family cemetery when I was in Arkansas last week and took some headstone photos. I only took photos of those named Manning or people that I knew personally. I'm always fascinated with the genealogy of a cemetery so I will share a few of my direct relatives (I took many more photos but these are my closest relative)

GREAT GREAT GRANDPARENTSFrancis Marion Manning & Emily Elizabeth Kitchens-Manning - the patriarch and matriarch of the cemetery. These are my dad's great grandparents so my great, great grandparents. He was born in Georgia, was a farmer in Alabama (where they were married), served in the 28th Alabama infantry volunteers during the war between the states, was a coal miner in Kentucky before finally settling as a farmer in Arkansas in the 1880's.

My great grandmother Sarah Maryann Whittaker-Manning and great grandfather James John Manning. He was born in Kentucky where he worked as a coal miner before moving to Arkansas and farming. She was born, raised, and died in Lawrence Co Arkansas not far from where she is buried. Her family were big-time farmers.


My grand parents Andrew Jackson Manning and Rose Cleo Truxler-Manning. Both born, raised, and died in Lawrence County Arkansas. The cemetery is on Manning farmland so grandpa is buried where he spent his life basically. They went to school together and I have the cutest photo of their school class when they were in probably 1st or 2nd grade.


The first three monuments are for children of my grandparents who died at birth or shortly therafter so obviously I never met them. All together my grandparents had 11 kids.

This child was a twin and the other child (Barbara Jean) lived to adulthood. They were #10 & 11.

This child was #9 and born 4 years after my dad and 3 years before the twins.

This boy was child #6 between my Aunt Mary and my Uncle John.

Aunt Elsie and her husband Durward. Aunt Elsie was child #3. Another redhead :)

My Aunt Barbara Jean who I do not remember because she died when I was a toddler. But, she gave me my cousin Linda who I love dearly so thank you Aunt BJ. She and my dad were really close and it was devistating to the family when she died at only 23. Oh, she is the surviving twin so she is either #10 or #11.

Aunt Barbara Jean's husband Uncle Earl. I always thought he was an interesting man because he was a musician. I believe he was also a carpenter or a builder but it was the music I remember. He was always very nice to me although I didn't see him very often.

My Dad & Bessie's headstone. I should have taken the photo AFTEr I cleaned it up. It had stormed and since Dad was recently buried there were lots of arrangments that had blown over and all around. It was sticky mud too so I couldn't reach everything without sinking. Dad was child #8 out of 11.

Uncle John and Aunt Lola Jean. He was #7 and he and my Dad were close growing up. I could tell you stories of the mischief those two got in but this is a cemetery post ;) I just adore my Cousin Diane and these are her parents.

My Uncle Melvin and Aunt Iva. He was a veteran of WWII and the oldest of the Manning kids. He was a very nice man and according to my mom's sister, a real looker when he was young. I was able to spend a little time with two of their kids when I was in high school because they lived in Jonesboro too.

This momument belong to my Aunt Mary (child#5) and Uncle Melton who most people called Todd. The headstone is also for my cousin Mernie but luckily she is still with us :)

Uncle Raymond was my first uncle that I recall passing - he died when I was in high school He farmed the land around the cemetery and was child #2. His wife, Aunt Mildred, lives in Memphis. They had one son, my Cousin Danny, who died way too young (age 38) on the farm. He is buried with them in front of this large monument.

Somehow I did not end up with a photo of Aunt Flossie's headstone but that's OK since she is alive and kicking in Arcadia Florida. She is child#4. She is a very fun aunt.

Sadly, I've lost several cousins (my generation). I mentioned Danny above but there are others who are not buried in this cemetery.

This is my Cousin Evelyn who is my Aunt Elsie's daughter. Very funny person and I will always remember her laugh. At the time of her death she was planning a cousin's surprize party for my cousin Mernie.

Raymond Jr. is my cousin Mernie's son, meaning he is the grandson of my Aunt Mary, so he is my first cousin once removed. Another one gone too young.

I hope the weather is better next time I go so that I can do some clean up and photograph the rest of the headstones in the cemetery (allt hose that don't say "Manning"). My online genealogy pals/relatives are loving these photos!


CiNdEe said...

Beautiful headstones. Looks like a nice place to be buried. Nice to have everyone in one place to visit too.

Skeeter said...

I find cemeteries very interesting places to visit. The older stones seem to tell a story while today we have such simple stones. It is wonderful that you have so much family history to share with your family. Sorry on the loss of your orchids. :(

Julie said... amy family members buried in one cemetary! Isn't that comforting??? I know my uncle who just died in December is laid to rest right next to his daughter and it was so comforting to me to have them together like that!
It was fun to read about all of them!

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