Friday, February 12, 2010

Old Photo From My Dad's House

I got this polaroid photo of me from the box of stuff my step-siblings sent from my Dad's belongings. I've never seenthis photo before. It was taken at my house in Seattle probably 1979/80 making me in early twenties. We had one wall in the family room with paneling, whichI disliked very much, and I bought that chair to help cover it up :)

Notice the clock above the chair - my Dad gave me a bunch of green stamps (remember those) when I was in high school and said have at it. I licked and pasted those stamps into books and whenI was finished he took me a green stamp store. I wanted a scarab bracelet but it would have used up ALL my stamps so instead I got that clock and stars & stripes candlestick phone. Looking back I cannot believe I chose home decor over jewelry! Oh - and I have seen that clock in many a TV show by the way ;)

Here's a recent photo of me....oh, the ravages of time. But I have much better furniture and more jewelry! LOL


CiNdEe said...

I think we all had a chair just like that one! I painted mine!(-:
I also had the green stamps and there were also blue chip stamps too(-: I loved going to the store to look at what there was to buy! I still remember where that store was here in town! Of course now its a different place! Its great you were able to get that picture back. Its always fun to see how much we have changed...(-:
I hate getting my picture taken can you tell?(-:

Julie said...

You know what? You are just as cute as can be in both pictures!!!

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