Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How Time Flies

Back when I looked like this:

I was crazy about my Aunt Joyce and Kunkle Bob (mom's sister & hubby):
I hear tell that when I was really little he came over to take her on their very first date and he sat on the couch beside her and I slapped his leg away from her and scooted in between them.
Apparently after they left for their date I cried and cried so my mom and dad drove me around in the car to get me to fall asleep. After that night, I went on all Aunt Joyce's and Kunkle Bob's dates with them :)

How time flies! A few months ago they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. And, they have a daughter named Vickie! We spent the night with them last night and I scanned the three photos in this post. Aunt Joyce was nice enough to help me by doing the fingernail-breaking job of getting photos out of frames they have been in for forty years! LOL

We are going to be heading back to Florida today from Memphis. First we will stop at Aunt Joyce's busines in West Memphis to say our goodbyes (they left for work and cattle feeding already) and then we will return out fancy rental car (Mercedes C300, more about that later) before settling in at the airport and eating a Memphis BBQ lunch.

Although this was a short trip, and I have lots to report, it feels longer and longer everytime I leave home now. Can't wait to see Jerry and my doggies. Also can't wait to get into some warmer weather. It's been in the twenties and I don't even own a winter coat anymore :)


CiNdEe said...

Love the story(-: Wow 50 years is a long time! Not many people are married that long now days!!!!(-:
I bet you do miss your family at home!!! Have a safe trip!!!

Julie said...

You made sure these two were right for each other before they married! I guess you did well!!

That Memphis BBQ sounds soooo good! I know you will be glad to get back home though!

I know what you mean...all I own is a hot pink fleece jacket!!!

Skeeter said...

Congrats to Aunt and Uncle on their anniversary, Such a milestone not often made these days!

In the photo below, I so remember licking those Green stamps and also Top Value Stamps from Krogers! I loved my little piano my grandmother let me pick out! I recall a clock, iron, toaster, waffle iron, electric skillet amongst other fun things from those stamps!

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